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Darling Downs Fitting Turning And Restoration - Toowoomba

Our mission is to ensure job satisfaction. I am a tradesman who likes the unusual jobs, those one off items that require a bit of thought and planning, We also do jobs in quantity of upto 30. Every ones pride and joy is also my pride and joy, an eye for detail is also part of the service and any job is never too small or a nuisance, we prefer those one off challenges, they are so interesting. A broken part to be repaired or manufactured, an old item that has been handed down or found is in need of some unusual parts or work; give us a ring. I can, spraypaint and cut rust out of work-runabout vehicles,build chook pens,dog crates,cattle crates,fencing- steel or wood,house paint, repairs to most machines,make to order many types of things and components,vehicle oil and brake services,will give any project a go within reason.

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